Clear Pioneer is Brian, Kyler, Grant, and Lex. The roots of the band travel as far back as 2011, But the group effort started in late 2013.

Finding themselves somewhere between dark, atmospheric hip-hop beats and club drum machines with guitars, the outfit accidentally wrote eight songs in one week. They played late into the nights and early in the mornings, buying new gear and digging up new sounds until a few shimmering four-minute waves shined through and inspired them to become a full-fledged band.

Not wanting to let the momentum die, they quickly played shows at colleges, festivals and local venues, entering and winning the 2014 Lifest search for new bands, not half a year after the band's conception. 

The gentlemen are currently writing new material- chopping vocals, mixing synths and blending genres.

Their first studio EP, "Calatrava," will be released 10-28-2014.