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Clear Pioneer

There is a deep story woven into the lyrics and melodies of Clear Pioneer. Influenced by dance, pop, synthwave and alternative rock styles, their music takes you through the dark, spacious hallways of the mind which open to bright, colorful skies.

Clear Pioneer’s music hinges on memorable vocal melodies that float along smoothly with unique instrument tones. Each song effortlessly transitions from soft introspective pads to soaring rock choruses, all while maintaining strong pop sensibilities. Deeper listens reveal raw, candid lyrics toying with the endless search for meaning, answers, and the pains of their past, exorcising them in the process.

Crafted by Grant Clementi (vocals, synth and guitar), Jesse Carl (synth and bass), and Kyler Schmor (drums), the energetic live show is a 3-piece production characterized by their immersive, multi-dimensional light show and appearances by guitarist Rod Wortham (of Newvices) and orchestral accompaniments.

Their sound has been called "Indie Pop," but, never settling for the ordinary, they pair disco rhythms, hip-hop beats, EDM-inspired soundscapes and rock guitars to their melodic one-liners and catchy choruses for a genre-bending product that is “painted in ambient tones, resulting in an 80s-esque vibe” (Explain.News).


Voice & Synth - Grant Clementi

Bass & Synth - Jesse Carl

Drums & Samples - Kyler Schmor





Booking Inquiries: clearpioneer@gmail.com