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Clear PioneeR

Alternative/Indie Pop | Milwaukee, WI

There is a deep story woven into the lyrics and melodies of Clear Pioneer. While heavily influenced by pop, synthwave and alternative rock styles, their self-produced EP, “Clouded Mouth,” takes you on an honest and adventurous ride through the retelling of love and all that results from it - the ups and the downs.

Never settling for the ordinary, Clear Pioneer goes above and beyond to create striking vocals that delicately pair with each instrument. Each song effortlessly transitions from soft, introspective pads to soaring rock choruses, all while maintaining pop sensibilities. Deeper listening reveals raw, candid lyrics toying with disillusionment, relationship struggles and the pains of their past, exorcising them in the process.

Crafted by Grant Clementi (lead vocals and synth), Jesse Carl (synth and bass), Kyler Schmor (drums), and Jonathan Eleyet (guitar); Their sound can be most easily be categorised as Indie-Pop. Never settling for the ordinary, they pair electronic enhancements and synths to their melodic, yet raw, one-liners and catchy choruses for a genre-bending product that is “painted in ambient tones, resulting in an 80s-esque vibe” (Explain.News).

Their live show offers an engaging and energetic twist on the Indie Pop genre. Within the last year (2017), Clear Pioneer has performed alongside many critically acclaimed artists including Jesse McCartney and NeverShoutNever and collected an impressive 30,000 streams across digital media in under 6 months of their EP release.

Blending guitar-driven flares and synthesized atmospheres into a sonic package, Clear Pioneer's music and live shows reveal a story waiting to be told and aching to be heard. Their passion for connecting with people through music is evident from the moment you meet them; no matter the venue, audience or song - connecting people to hope and love by bringing them into a space of wonder and gratitude as they share their experiences through music is ultimately what they set out to do.